Apex Ring Spindle concentricity setting device

Apex Ring Spindle concentricity setting device

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Apex Precitech is introducing the simplest possible device to set the maximum concentricity possible between the ring and spindle of a modern ring spinning frame.

The centering is made possible by use of a single sleeve inserted on the spindle.  The outer diameter of the centering sleeve corresponds to the ring diameter and engages with a close tolerance. Hence automatically the ring becomes concentric to the spindle.

It may be noted that the usual practice of centering with  a nylon disc takes about 2 minutes on an average per spindle. Its accuracy is also plus or minus 0.5 mm.

On the other hand, the most modern electronic centering measurement devices with digital readout takes  about five ten to  minutes  per spindle.  The practical accuracy achievable is plus or minus 0.1 mm.

Apex system achieves a concentricity  accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 mm in flat ten seconds per spindle and costs a fraction of an electronic device.  The ring traveller never needs removal while measuring and the centering can be done while the machine is in OFF condition. An additional leveling aid ensures correct centering while accounting for spindle play.

Apex Ring Spindle concentricity setting device

Summing up,  the advantages are

  •   Quickest possible concentricity setting – in ten seconds. Saves enormous labor.
  •   Ring traveler is not removed while centering
  •   Costs is very less.
  •   One device can be used to set about one lakh  spindles.
  •   Centering can be done at many levels with a long measuring sutface.
  •   Accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 mm is automatically achieved. No special skills needed.
  •   Device available for ring diameters of 36,38,40,42 mm and for all the spindles.
  •   Additional leveling aid ensures foolproof centering.