Draw Frame Load Guage
Apex Precitech - Draw Frame
Measures end loads of top rollers in draw frames, combers and lap formers
Readings directly in kilograms
Usable on all popular draw frames, comers, Lap formers
No special skills to use
Two years warranty with life long free recalibration
Draw Frame Load Guage

Used in more than 3000 mills. Compatible with draw frames like:

D02S, D06, RSB [1,2,51,851,951], D 30 [ 35, 40, 45, 221,] HOWA, VOUK, ZINSER, TRUTZSCHLER, HARA
Combers E7/4, LK250, LK54, LK64, VOUK, Marzoli Hara
Lap formers E2/4A, E4/1A, E5/3 (Unilap), Hara.