Apex Load Enhancing Spacer

Ever thought of a simplest of a solution for some really baffling and complicated job ? Well, here it is.

Apex Precitech was committed to improve the pneumatically loaded P 3-1 top loading arm. Apex Precitech published an article  <here>  regarding the full construction of the P 3-1 top arm.  This top arm is the maximum populated one in the international level and its simplicity and ease of operation still overrule its rejection. The problem areas in these top arms are reduction of loads over period time and  inability to raise the loads despite increase of air pressure.

With the advent of compact spinning and with many frames getting converted to handle compact drafts, the spinners are facing a crisis of sorts with inadequacy of loads in these top arms. It is to be noted that compact front rollers are also loaded from the top arm. The load starved top arm is powerless to handle this issue. Spring load conversion of the top arm failed miserably and another viable solution was badly needed.

The Solution:

We  always were intrigued by the enhancement of loads with the slight lifting of the pressure lever of the top arm. In fact the spinning siders place a small cotton wad and then press the lever thereby creating a gap between the anvil and the lever.  This lifting was never uniform and created excess loads which led to wear of the bottom roll bearings and the rubber cots.

We analyzed this further and found that the L shaped loading fulcrum of the top arm has a curvature inside which the idling roller of of the top arm sits upon the final pressing of the lever. This is where the inadequacy of engagement takes place once the pressure hose inside the arm bar even slightly loses its elasticity. The resultant ‘play’ developed leads to lowered engagement force experienced at the bottom roller.

When we insert a spacer into the pressure lever as shown, the fulcrum is noaded at the curvature but at the preceding slope which immediately tightens the fulcrum against the pressure hose. The loads are now consistent and steady. This gives life into even discarded hoses saving money and  time. Many anxious spinners who once thoughts of replacing the frame itself due to this, can be relieved now.

The Product ” Apex Load Enhancing Spacer”

The spacer is shown here. It has five components. The U shaped housing, the metal washer which prevents from biting of the sharp bottom edge of the pressure lever, a top cover and a screw. The nut is embedded in the housing itself. 

Once this assembly is fastened onto the Top Arm , the results are sure and consistent. Our 4.5 mm spacer has uniformly created a 4.5 Kilogram increase in the fron roller load. This further means an additional 4.5 kilo load increase in the back roller and  1.5 kilo increase in the middle roller load. A total of 10.5 kilogram per top arm!!!

Now , the spinner has the joyous problem of plenty. As a 6 to 17 kilogram is enough for the normal spinning process, he can now reduce the air pressure !!!

For compact spinning processes, the front roller load needs 21 to 22 kilograms. This spacer is capable of generating that load easily. This is a very low priced product and a boon to all spinners. I appeal them to use this to increse productivity, increase quality, decrease down time and increase smiles all around.