saddle setting device
saddle setting device

For long the saddle setting in the P 3-1 top arm continued to be laborious. The handheld setting gauge of yore allowed for a limited turnout due to the holding of the gauge in one hand and snapping it on to the saddle with the other.  usually a team of five technical  persons do this job of removing the saddle loosening the saddle screws, snapping into the setting gauge, tightening and removing and reassembly back  into the top arm. Setting the field length is another job using vernier calipers. Usually the job takes 5 to 6 hours to to set a 1000 spindle ring spinning frame.  The machine is stopped during the period.

The New Solution:

Apex has introduced a portable table mounted setting device designed to take on all the above jobs  with much ease and accomplishes them at one third of the labour and time.

The above picture shows how the machine is constructed. The salient features are:

  1.  Vernier caliper fitted slidable, lockable saddle heads. Two vernier scales take care of the front (finisher draft zone)  and back (break draft zone).
  2. Wheels fitted at both ends enable smooth sliding of the heads varying the distance which can be locked at any desired point with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  3. This device empoys the slip on fitting of the saddle shafts into the saddle instead of snap fitting . The present method takes care of the fingers of the operators. Earlier, the snapping makes the fingers tired and every chance was there in getting tender skin getting squeezed into the saddle spaces.
  4. The rigid fitting of the heavy device means , the opertaor does not handle the gauge and concentrates only on the saddle.
  5. Usually a team of two people can handle this job at a time. One for removing and the other for unscrewing , setting and tightening the saddle.
  6. The machine need not be stopped as the team targets one top arm at a time. The siders can be called in once a dozen top arms are set. (one arm bar length).

The video will further demonstrate the usefulness of the device.

It is a labour saving, time saving and accurate device which is necessary for quality conscious and cost conscious spinning mills.