Spindle Inspection Device

Apex Precitech has given one more useful device to the spinner.

The spinner always used to visually check the spindle concentricity .But this is not a simple job. The apindle view is hindered by the top arm, the clearer rollers, and the lappet . Further the area is a cramped one what with the bobbins hanging just in front.

To overcome the problem, Apex Spindle Inspection Device uses a periscope which transmits the image at a convenient distance away from the spindle centre.

The quality of visuals from this device is unimaginable. A checking sleeve normally lesser than the ring diameter by 0.8 mm is inserted into the spindle. The Apex Device is mounted on the beam with its detachable magnet.  Now, it becomes hands free. The ring rail should be positioned to be in line with the top surface of the sleeve. When viewed through the device, the annular groove is between the spindle and ring is clearly recognised and any eccentricity is immediately pointed out.

Look at the video of the device in use in a mill.